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Theory of the astral travel or bilocation


The astral, called also the fourth dimension is the subtle world just above the third dimension (the material world).


Each one of us goes in astral during his sleep with his own astral body, whether we have or not the awareness or the memory of it. It is in this fourth dimension that we join the beings with a similar or higher evolution than ours. In astral, all is luminous and our psychic capacities are multiple: telepathy, perspicacity, move of the astral body at the speed of thought, etc. The source of our vitality comes directly from the radiation of the Universal Energy.


The landscapes are very diversified, with an extremely rich and splendid astral nature. It is in these astral places of peace that human being dwells after a more or less long life on earth. He continues to learn metaphysic knowledge while preparing his next incarnation in a material world (third dimension).


In the astral (fourth dimension), it is possible for us to meet entities that we knew in our past lives. We can also see more advanced entities, well-disposed to help us and to teach us the universal knowledge.


Now let us see precisely qualities of our astral body :


In our physical body (of three dimensions) fits another more subtle body, the astral body. This astral body vibrates higher than the physical body. So, the molecules of the astral body come between those of our material envelope.


The astral body is the vehicle of our entity; while in deep sleep, it rises, leaves its physical "prison" with the consciousness and can explore the fourth dimension and every place on earth, in our own galaxy or others. Most people do not remember their trip in the astral; they come back with more or less absurd dreams. That is due to their too strong identification with the physical body and the world of matter. Several other reasons exist too, in particular the lack of memory and the impossibility to make the difference between confused imagination and the real astral memory.


During the astral travel, when we are out of the physical body with our consciousness, the sub consciousness takes charge of all physiological functions. At the time of our conscious return (in the physical body), there can be interference with the subconscious. If we are not an expert, the subconscious influences our conscious charged of astral memories. This generates a more or less incoherent dream.


Therefore, to remember astral travels, it is necessary to cultivate a good memory of the dreams and to analyze them well in order to distinguish true astral memory from subconscious interference. What matters also, is the departure in full conscience with its astral body and the return, quite as conscious, in the physical body.


The astral body is connected to the physical vehicle by the silver cord. This silver link connects the two bodies at the level of the navel psychic centre (manipura chakra). The silver cord vibrates extremely strongly and quickly, much more strongly than the physical or astral body. Vibrations of life, its subtle colours explode of bluish-white and silver.


During astral travels, this silver cord stretches between the two bodies (physical and astral) but never leaves them. The role of the silver cord is allowing the life of the physical body. At the time of dead of this one, the silver cord, source of vitality, separates from him and thus releases the astral body. As long as the subtle body is connected to the material envelope by the silver cord, it will be forced to reinstate it. This is what we call life on earth.


The silver cord links us with a higher source of our being, with the source of our origin and our finality. This source is called Overbeing. He guides us and loves us. It is towards this Overbeing, our real, major and cosmic nature that we will return by a complete fusion to raise us then higher.


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