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The Golden Lightning is a centre of esoteric wisdom  located in Aude (south of France). It is founded by an esoterist and spiritual guide who expresses, through a vibrating teaching, the way of splendor. Offered to all by  Sages acting from Tibet and the Himalayas.

Opened to all, his message of love makes ringing in each one the esoteric fervor necessary to advance strongly, in opposition to the actual current of division, hatred and disharmony. By the devotion of esoterists in communion of mind and action, the Golden Lightning wants to be a bright light that dissolves the multiple forms of ignorance. He acts for all.

The esoterist guide of the Golden Lightning is Henri Totev. He initiates those who feels called to found  the Golden Age inside of them and all around. He helps them to discover the nature of the Supreme which lies within everybody. He explains how to merge with the multiple aspects of Universal Energy, to bloom all faculties of the soul and the spirit. He gives the techniques to enter in union with the Highest Sages of the Earth, and finally in these disturbed times to take part actively in the rise of an era of peace and wisdom. The Golden Lightning is a power that initiates you to your nature of splendor.

He also guides all the people motivated to progress in the Way, driven by the fire of their motivations to find a benevolent and enlightened teacher. The centre "Golden Lightning" is a serene place in Villerouge-Termenes, small village located on important ley lines. This area is rich with megaliths, surrounded by green hills and forests where the atmosphere of Nature Forces causes quickly a magic and mystical feeling . For these reasons, the Centre is an esoteric heart filled with energy able to stimulate your meeting with  Henri Totev.

He is an entirely accessible man who wishes to share in love, frankness and respect without any artifice. Your meeting with him will be in all simplicity and freedom. At this moment filled with dignity, you will better understand the Sacred Fire which lives in his heart and which will inflame yours more powerfully.

Read the site of the Golden Lightning, discover its universal esoteric philosophy. Then take your spiritual responsibility at heart to make the step of entering in direct and sincere relation with him. Move away your fears and your doubts, be daring and voluntary. You are on an Internet page, extremely short, the virtual world must naturally lead to concrete relations for the achievement of the Golden Age in yourself and in all the mankind. The total respect of life and freedom of each other will bring the mankind to a high spiritual consciousness.


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