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Every matter that we want to learn consciously requires a teacher, a master. Medicine, surgery, architecture can not be studied with books or by Internet. I do not think that you would let your life in the hands of a novice. It is the same for esoteric and spiritual sciences. We all need a guide to explain techniques to apply, to protect us from false steps and eventual dangers.

For example, some esoteric rituals requires a real knowledge of energies we use. Energies must not turn over against you or play you tricks. If you meditate on a psychic centre of the subtle body, chakras, you should know that there is a "hierarchical order" in chakras, that you must follow. You should better know too, that mixing practices of all spiritual and esoteric traditions, won't make you progress faster on the way, even if nowadays it is really "fashionable” to peck from a training course to another. Therefore it is not with confusion and groping that we can evolve.

For all these reasons, we all need on the way of the awakening, a guide that enlightens our steps and supports us. And much more still, this master having already gained spiritual experience and purity of mind, radiates an energy that allows us to raise our self more quickly. His experience relates us in direct contact with higher dimensions thanks to specific practices. He also helps us to establish a deep link with our inner guide. Every gates of knowledge opens, one after another.

The perceptiveness of our master warns us against our own weaknesses and designates external obstacles. Each teaching shows us how to better know our self and understand the harmony of man with the universe. The guide follows us step by step and facilitates our evolution according to our own pace. He communicates all necessary tools, then we have to experiment and recognize our nature of light by our own efforts.

But of course, each one should decide if he wants to evolve or prefers to curse darkness.