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Contents :


- Meditations of "The Enlightened One"

- The Divine Theurgy

- The Alchemical Transmutation

- Place of Energy

- What will occur after 2012 ? The Maya prediction

- Ten keys for the peace of heart




« The Enlightened One » says :

  • In the meditation of love, you must open up your heart so that you ardently wish the good and the prosperity of all the beings, but also the happiness of your enemies.
  • In the meditation of compassion, you must think of all the beings in distress, you highly representing in your imagination their sorrows and their anguishes, so that it generates in your heart deep compassion in their connection.
  • In the meditation of joy, you think of the prosperity of others and you are delighted by the joys of others.
  • In the meditation of impurity, you consider the disastrous consequences of corruption, and the effects of the negative acts and diseases. How little is often the pleasure of the moment and how much its consequences are fatal!
  • In the meditation of serenity, you rise above the love and hatred, above tyranny and oppression, the richness and the destitution. And you look at your own fate with impartial calm and perfect peace.


“The Happy One” continues:


The four dhyana (meditations) to acquire the joy of the abhidjna (spiritual capacities) are:


The first dhyana is the witdrawal in which you must free your spirit from sensuality; the second dhyana is a peaceful spirit full with joy and satisfaction; the third dhyana consists in taking pleasure with spiritual matters; the fourth dhyana is a state of purity and perfect peace in which the spirit is high above any satisfaction and any sorrow.


There are four upayas (means) to acquire the abhidjna: to prevent any imperfections to be born; to destroy the imperfections when they arise; to produce the good which does not exist yet; to increase the good which exists.


Extract of "Maha-parinibhâna Suttanta" (Words of  Buddha).




The word “theurgy” comes  from the Greek "theourgia", theos means god (one unspecified divinity) and "ergon" means, work, effect, action. The expression "theurgy" has two directions: that of act of the divine power and that of setting in motion this same power.


The theurgist is the expert of the theurgy, he makes operations worthy of divine power. The theurgy, science and high initiatory magic was of all time reserved to the true initiates and to followers who control completely their feelings and their emotions. These powerful beings generous with all, express the very essential meaning of the holy and the divine.


Through a methodical asceticism, the initiate theurgist reaches the development and realization of its occult and highest spiritual faculties. The theurgic action appears thanks to the authentic practice of the evocation of Powers and of the Supreme one, which we call also the Absolute (see the book " Universal Occultism - the Secret Science of Changthang ").


The evocation allows to establish a close connection with the Entities of Light and the Supreme. When this fusion becomes increasingly intense, the theurgist becomes a genuine instrument of the Powers and the Supreme one. He receives the capacity to act on the entities of nature and to be assisted by them. He give orders to the elementary spirits and uses them daily for its esoteric works. He transforms the evil into good and radiate the divine one in him and around him.


What is necessary to do to practise the divine theurgy?


Initially a great moral and spiritual integrity should be developed. One raises its vibrations thanks to prayer and devotion. Practice of meditation and contemplation let discover more and more the Truth and the Wisdom which sit in our heart. Obviously, it is necessary to receive from a true instructor (itself initiated in the esoteric tradition) precise directives of ritual and actions to be followed at the time of the theurgic evocations in the circle of protection and light. The operator must always act with a perfect altruism and beyond any selfishness.


When all these conditions are carried out, the divine theurgy will act in all its splendour and spiritual power in order to cure and let reign peace and love. At the time of the theurgic action, the operator and the Powers of Light act in total collaboration. Fusion thus established returns what seemed impossible completely possible and realizable.


The theurgist becomes thus a genuine instrument of the Supreme, he offers himself to others with love and compassion.







Alchemy has always awaken dreams. Never really deciphered, shrouded in mystery. However, transmutation, Philosopher's stone, these words resound like as much of promises, of miracles misunderstood.


At all times and in all places, alchemy is an initiatic science. Extremely codified, the profound meaning is not understood by the majority of the seekers and others. The term comes from Arabic (el-kimya), but the bases of this science originates from the Far East, from India initially and China after. In India, this knowledge is known perfectly since many centuries and transmitted from disciple to disciple in an uninterrupted way.


Alchemy deals with the Grand Work, the science which makes possible to transmute lead into gold. Which is this lead and this gold? Lead, heavy metal, represent the matter, the human body; while gold is associated with the subtle one, with the spiritual one. Thus, the man  may  transform his material body into spiritual body. One is in all and all is in one. Consequently, this spiritual body is ours already. It is the causal body of our physical body. It is necessary by successive purifications that the physical body dissolves more and more into the spiritual body. While looking in the depth of oneself, one recognizes the Light, the Energy and the spiritual Conscience of this spiritual dimension which sits in each one of us.


The agent of Grand Work is called the Philosopher's stone, which means actually the Universal Energy. Universal Energy creates, preserves and transforms everything. It is very powerful, omnipresent (in all times), omni penetrating (in all places). It does not know any obstacle. It is obvious that its power can transform a physical body heavy and limited into a spiritual body, subtle and powerful. This Universal Energy is driven in and out from any thing, its degree of subtlety and activity differs from a dimension with another. The Indians describe it as asleep in the body of the man, in a phase of inertia, they call it Kundalini.


Acting as one formidable power, it cannot be awaken by any individual. This too large energy becomes devastator if it is awaken by somebody who is not of perfect spiritual purity. For this reason this science was always hidden. Protected by the wise ones, it is known in its excellence only by them. However, one can find one explanation of the alchemical operation in several Indian books. Each one highly recommend to pass to the practice only when one is ready spiritually and with the assistance of a guide having already awaken its Kundalini.


To carry out one first transmutation of the human being, effective techniques exist. This transformation is based on the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether (see book "Universal Occultism").


The Earth helps us to condense all the forces of our body, mind and spirit. By establishing our life on the spiritual values of universal love, of harmony and peace, one creates a solid and powerful base to enable us to discover luminous experiments. Exercises of concentration on an object outside which sublimates our thoughts (a flame, a tree, a crystal...) or on virtues (generosity, devotion...); the recitation of mantra (word of force with powerful vibrations) help to control the body, mind and spirit.


Regular practice generates inner peace. This peace is essential to be able to calm our mind and to become receptive. Receptivity is the intrinsic quality of the Earth. Nobody can fill a glass which is already full. One must initially become empty of thoughts and anguishes, before receiving the Light. The study of the human being and the universe will raise the veil of ignorance. Knowledge and the acceptance of our failures and qualities will enable us to change.


The use of positive polarity to convert the negative energy of anger, for example, will be used for our transmutation. The purification process is associated to the Water element. Its fluidity shows us how to circumvent all the obstacles. The exercises of controlled breathing (pranayama) support the purification of the physical body and the mental one. Various states of the water (from ice state to vapour) show us that all is impermanent and that all is in one and one is in all. The purity is also acquired by the simplification of the thoughts and life. No need to centre the world on ourselves, we should focus in the heart, in the Light.


It is not by pressing on a button that one changes, nor while reading books or esoteric and spiritual websites. Only assiduous practice, faith, the call to the Universal Energy and to the Powers of Light open the way of realization. Our body is the crucible; love, faith and heat of our practices activate the Fire which transforms our emotions, desires and egoists thought into the purest gold. The fire of the Universal Love will consume our ego, our true being will illuminate and will radiate infinitely around us.

Meditation on the third eye (ajna chakra) will unify us with the source of our entity. The activation and the illumination of this third eye will purify us perfectly. The unification of the sun and the moon will be carried out only if one transcended all dualities.


During all this process of transmutation, one will implement the force of preservation associated with the Air element and salt. All our acquired knowledge must be preserved, if not it will disappear the following day. Evenness of temper, a positive spirit, a heart released of attraction and repulsion, to see the Supreme in anything and every moment preserve a luminous spirit.


This luminous spirit will rise always higher to Ether. Like Ether, it will permeate everything. The adept is clear-sighted and travels consciously in the astral world. He has carried out its quintessence. He recognized and developed in himself the five essences of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.


The adept has initially condensed its interior forces, then purified his being and opened the doors to the illumination. He preserved this jewel and raised it to give it to the Supreme. Thanks to this realization, he is ready for the perfect transmutation: complete awakening of Kundalini which will give him the Universal Conscience and the mastering of the five elements.



On the Earth are zones of concentration of vital electromagnetic energy. These zones are ley lines and nodes.


Ley nodes have an addition of vital energy due to the crossing of several fields of forces, which generates a telluric centre of radiation very powerful. In many places on this planet, one can experiment these nodes and earth currents.

Our very remote ancestors were very sensitive to the power of alive Nature. Thanks to their psychic faculty of perception, they distinguished the powerful energy veins of the Earth. They built menhirs and dolmens to signal out these forces well, in order to use them in magic ceremonies. These telluric places are very favourable for the practice of the meditation and the evocations (call to the Powers of Light).


In England, in the middle of the limestone dunes of Salisbury draws up Stonehenge. It forms a circle of eighty grey and naked stones of 4 tons each one. The origin of this monument goes up with the first civilizations of this area, this is more than 4.000 years. This circle of menhirs and dolmens forms a genuine energetic battery which connects the man to the powers of the Earth and the cosmic influences.


In France, Brittany is rich in telluric circuits marked by menhirs (vertically drawn up stones) and each electromagnetic node is concretized by a dolmen (large flagstone resting on two vertical stones). We also find some with the country cathare and elsewhere. The menhir means one positive active energy and the dolmen expresses the unit of positive energy and negative passive energy.

Spiritual and occult ceremonies were always practised and are practised near the dolmens and menhirs. The initiate benefits thus from the power of these places and from the presence of the spirits of nature.


In Tibet, the ley lines and nodes are indicated by stupas (chortens in Tibetan). Certain monasteries were built directly on these fields of strength, like the monastery of Samye (Tibet central). Samye is one large monastery built in the form of a mandala (circle of energy) having innumerable stupas.


The shape of the monastery itself and the layout of the stupas on the ley lines create a great energy which connects the person who meditates or practice an occult action with the telluric and cosmic forces. This phenomenon also appears in the stone circle of Stonehenge.


Some mountains emit a great power. The most well known, the Kailash mount, is  located at the west of Tibet. This crowned mountain culminates at 6.714 meters. It has the shape of a dome and an extraordinary power emerges from it, this energy is very spiritual and esoteric. Two large lakes are located at some kilometres below the mountain. One is called Manasarovar, charged of a positive power; the other the lake Rakshas Tal which release a strong negative energy. The mount Kailash (Kangrinpoche in Tibetan) joins together in him all these polarities.


The skilled adept knows how to use them for its good and that of the others.






The Maya civilization covered largely Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Belize. His apex was from 300 to 900 after J.C. The very precise astronomy of the Mayan permitted to foresee the lunar and solar eclipses and they knew the precession of the equinoxes.

The prediction of the Mayas is based on an extraordinary numbering of the time. It is about temporal cycles of 13" baktuns ", that is 13 X 144.000 days, what gives about 5.125 solar years. When one knows that this cycle started in the year 3.113 before J.C., one calculates comfortably that he/it will end in the year 2012. The Earth enters then in a New Age of the sun.

Let’s see the mainlines of this prediction while following the Mayan book " Chilam Balam" and the meter of the days contemporary don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. "This day represents a new shape of understanding in our sacred calendar, government's new shape, a new way to understand each other, so that, on this earth, we didn't concern ourselves anymore with indifference and we would not mistreat ourselves anymore. This date marks the beginning of the thirteen heavens.

It is the date where will begin the new world. It will be the beginning of a new period of 13 baktuns." Thus the meter of the days summarizes the prediction.

The prophets said that the end of the cycle will be preceded of one time of warning that started between August 16 and 17, 1987. This transition must act as preparation for a new journey of the sun in the heaven. Allowing the humanity thus to come out of the cycle of the nine plans of the inframonde.

"Let come the dawn. Let all men and all creatures know peace, let all things live in happiness. We are the children of the sun, we are the children of the time and we are the travellers of the space. May all songs be awaken, may all dancers be awaken. May all men and all things live in peace. Because you are the valleys, you are the mountains, you are the trees and you are the very air that you breathe. Such are words of the" Chilam Balam ".

The meter of the days, don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj challenges us: "Listen to your heart. The Mother Earth calls you. She calls each of us to heal and therefore to heal ourselves. It is now time to begin to listen at the Mother Earth and to change our manner to think, our manner to live and our manner to be before it is too late. We need the help of all peoples, all cultures, all religions and all nations. We must stop killing our brothers and our sisters on this planet before it is too late.

If we continue thus, the present time cycle will end merely. The twilight will fall in 2012 and a new dawn won't rise. Because if the Mother Earth must die, it is the death for all of us. Nothing in this world, nor in this universe is eternal. Some ancient Mayas announced at the time of the change of cycle a period of darkness of 60 hours on the whole planet; to the term of which the sun would rise again. "

This prediction reminds us that the Iron Age (Age of Kali) is called to finish and that a Golden Age must gradually follow. Is it not the personal responsibility of each among us to answer to this time of warning, to wake up our consciousness and to act to be finally in peace with ourselves, the others and the Earth our Mother?

The predictions of India and Tibet confirm those of the Mayas. From now to 2012 or 2013 a work of unity and spiritual elevation must be accomplished on Earth to prepare the coming Golden Age. But this New Age could be preceded by a dark phase for the Earth and the humanity.



1)  Never despair from yourself and from your shortcomings, but hope and act so that everything can change.

2)  Have confidence in yourself and in the divine.

3)  Learn and live in the present instant, here and now.

4)  Know the goal of your life and put everything in action to achieve it.

5)  Give priority to the essential things of life.

6)  Cease the mind of rivalry and comparison.

7)  Help and listen to the others.

8)  Don’t be the slave of fear and doubt.

9)  Forgive others and help them in the beautiful and in the good.

10) Live in and with the divine who is in us and everywhere around us.

These ten keys open the successive doors that lead to the Universal Consciousness. The fullness of life is reached in this very existence. No need to come back to be reincarnated on earth. The mind is free to merge with the Supreme, source of all life.