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The book "The Universal Occultism", written in french.


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This book is a true theoretical and practical handbook of the universal esotericism, which from the beginning will make you an initiate of the Supreme Science. Henri Totev explains us in a simple and precise way how to develop his psychic faculties and all hidden capacities. From a revelation to another, he makes us traverse the way of integral knowledge of human being and the universe. In this beginning of the third millennium, the secret science of the hidden valley of Changthang is available to all.

If you wish to acquire the book "The universal Occultism - Secret Science of Changthang" (in french), we can send it to you for the price of 20 euros + 3 euros of shipping cost. Please send a cheque with this written :


Henri Totev

Rue du Château, 11

11330 Villerouge-Termenes