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The book "The Universal Occultism", written in french.


The Golden Age

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To prepare the Golden Age


We reach to a primordial moment in evolution of humanity. Passed centuries belong to Iron Age, dark and violent period of the human race. Now, we leave this age of degeneration to return to Golden Age.


But it is really important that all the beings who feel eager to prepare this era of light and wisdom, work together in a spirit of fraternity and solidarity.


To create the Golden Age, it is first necessary to live it in us by developing all our psychic and spiritual faculties, to radiate it all around us.


Let us act together in Universal Love towards all the beings and the Vivid Nature. The future of humanity will be resplendent, but it has to be built with confidence, truth and wisdom.


We propose you to meet us and act together to prepare and carry out the Golden Age in us and all around us.