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We give an esoteric teaching which enables you to control your own mind, to develop all your psychic potentialities and the spiritual virtues. It is adapted to the pace of each one.

Guha yoga : guha in Sanskrit means the cave, therefore the secrets that the heart of our being contains. The occult meditation on the third eye is a key to open the door of Ajna chakra (psychic center located between the two eyebrows). In this psychic centre of Wisdom dwells the light of our inner Guide. When united with this light, we reach a higher consciousness and we penetrate in a deep dimension.

Evocation : call to the Powers of Light with the help of the occult instruments within the protection circle.

Invocation : action by the power of the sacred Sound, the Mantra, word of strength and devotion.

Clairvoyance : clairvoyance using all the possible supports from the crystal sphere to the tarot.

Astral travel : to leave its physical body in full conscience, to travel where you wish and to return consciously in your body with the integral memory from astral.

Telepathy : remote sympathy, dialogue by the way of the thought.

Psychometry : possibility of receiving all the vibrations from an object and of knowing its past, or the physical and psychic state of the person to whom it belonged. In the same way, to feel the history of a place.

Dowsing : to collect the transmitting waves of any thing thanks to the pendulum. The pendulum is used as a link with the subconscious. The applications are infinite: object research or the disease's origins for example.

Numerology : science of numbers defining their power and their use. Synthesis of man and universe.

Magnetism : use of your magnetic force to cure you or cure the others.

Hypnotism : art to plunge someone in a caused sleep to act on its subconsciousness. Very useful practise for the mental disorders and to accelerate the curative process of physical diseases.

Thoughts-forms or eggregores : creation by the exteriorized power of the thought of an astral primitive being to which we give a particular mission.

Meeting of psychic forces : union by a group of people of all its psychic potential. The power of each participant amalgamates to become only one mass of force and light, which is then shared with each one.

Universal esoteric philosophy : science that studies our being in its deepest aspects; it includes all material and immaterial universe. This philosophy is based on experience, and gives simple techniques of interior and cosmic realization. The universal esoteric philosophy is deepened by regular practice, it will generates the realization.

Study and application of the five elements : Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each of these elements have their own power, their virtues, their qualities. They appear in man, nature and all the Universe.