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Please, send your questions to this email :

I received many questions from Europe, the States and Africa. Now I would like to share with you, my web friends, a variety of answers on spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric topics.

 This heading is dedicated to you. And now, let’s see your questions.

 Question :

Sir, I am meditating since few months but I can’t see the third eye light. I do concentrate with strength but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong, why am I not gifted for meditation? René (Martinique).


I think that you are gifted for meditation. But you are forcing too much when you concentrate and all you energy is strained instead of flowing harmoniously without any physical or psychic tension. Meditation on the third eye should be practiced without expectation of a light vision or any other. The light of your inner Guide will decide by herself the right time to appear for you. From this very instant, you will be wonder-struck to see and feel the splendour of the Divine within you. Be patient and persevering, the reward will be great.

Question :

The conscious astral travel is the goal that I fixed myself. I often try to go in the astral world, but I do not manage to leave my body in spite of many attempts. What can I do to make a successful astral travel? (Johannes, Danmark).

 Answer :

To make a success of the conscious astral travel, several conditions should be met:

1) your motivations must be pure.  2) you must be convinced of the nearest success. 3) one should not be afraid to leave the physical body.  4) to be alone in bed and to feel relaxed.  5) to use the method that I teach (see the website). 6) persevere with confidence and determination.

 Question :

What do I have to do to become clairvoyant? (Jeanne, Switzerland).

 Answer :

Meditate regularly on the third eye (Ajna Chakra). This psychic centre will open all the doors to you and your gifts of clairvoyance will grow.

 Question :

I followed various religions and spiritualities. I do not manage to find a way. What do I have to do to find the truth? (Emmanuelle, France).


It is always positive to be informed on the existing religions and spiritualities. But I advise you to plunge into yourself by meditation and devotion. In your heart, you will discover the Truth. If you choose a spirituality or a religion, choose the one that preaches love for all beings, knowledge of the self and of the universe. Spirituality should harmonize yourself and raises you. To make this choice, call upon the Divine who resides within you.


Is it essential to believe in God and to follow a religion to evolve spiritually? (Maryse, Canada).


To evolve spiritually, it is necessary to have positive thoughts and feelings. To believe in a higher force is a good thing, but to be right, nice, good and listening to the others is much more important. If you make the good around you and that your thoughts are noble, then you live in the Divine and you evolve. To believe in God or a religion is not essential. The Divine will appear in you sooner or later.