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The book "The Universal Occultism", written in french.


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The universalism of the Universal Esotericism unites all esoteric traditions in order to transcend them.


The universalism is the universal esoteric philosophy of the Golden Age. It guides human's spiritual ideal on the path of Light, Love and Realization.


The universalism by its study and its practice allow you to live an authentically spiritual and esoteric life. This is the Golden Age of mankind that awakes by Love by becoming aware of its privileged link with the Divine in itself.


By developing all his spiritual and esoteric faculties, the universalist helps the evolution of the earth. He practices and expresses the 17 initiatic vows in his daily existence. These vows purify and rise his spiritual life.


If you are sincere and if you seek for a broad path of spiritual and esoteric accomplishment, Henri Totev will welcome you with respect and friendship in the centre of the Golden Lightning (in Villerouge-Termenes in Aude, France).The spiritual live is wonderful associated with psychic powers.


Create the Golden Age within you

 end after all around you.