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Esotericism unveils the deepness of our being, all our hidden capacities and the powers of the superior dimensions that are present everywhere around us but invisible to the common of the mortals. Esotericism gives us the techniques to experiment it.

Spirituality makes us recognize the divine truth that one has in oneself, it blooms in us our virtues. It puts us in contact with the divine and the powers of Light.

The spiritual esotericism makes us aware of the spiritual life and by our own experience we realize it, thanks to our spiritual energy. This science will transform us totally.

More one changes, less one is afraid. Our fears disappear because the acquired knowledge disperses them. One becomes aware that all is impermanent. All is lent to us on this earth nothing is given to us. Our transformation radiates within and in all directions. This allows others to evolve also, if they want.

In general, most people get a lot of obstacles. They underestimate themselves. Yet, one has an incredible psychic and spiritual strength in us. How to reach it?

To all theory a practice corresponds. Devotion and prayer allow us to open our heart. Meditation gives us access to the intrinsic knowledge of the things, the beings and the entire universe. The breathing exercises purify the physical and subtle body. The mantras (recitation of words of power) increase our vibrations. We understand that we are never alone, but surrounded by Beings of Light. When we believe to be alone, we withdraw into our self and of course, we become more isolated. It is necessary to make an effort to extract our self from the jail that we have created.

Spiritual esotericism, it is the diving within, in the divine. When we develop this wisdom, this interior love, we solve all problems comfortably.

We all have to progress on Earth, and we have chosen it before being embodied.

We can suffer, but it is not necessary to search for the suffering like privileged means to purify our being. All experiences that we cross, allow us to evolve. We learn and purify our self. The reincarnations cycle will continue as long as we don't understand that we lock itself our self in the circle of the desires, attachments, and sufferings. The aim, is to go beyond these limitations by the development of our inner being, by a spiritual research. One can make it at any stage of our life. One is never nor too young, nor too old. It is necessary to take only the time to do it.

The majority of people functions like a car that would only use the first gear. We are specially worried by our physical body and the material world. Bu we don’t care about the astral and the superior dimensions. The astral plan exists, it is necessary to discover it and to have access to it consciously. Some methods exist to travel in the astral with all our consciousness. It is necessary to dare to change. Even a criminal will understand one day that he makes his victims suffer, even though he needs several lives for it.

Everybody will learn one day, therefore better to decide to begin today.

When we go in the astral, we understand the cosmic laws deeply. Thus karma: more one makes the good to the other more one will receive good. More one acts negatively, more one will receive the negative. But we will suffer mainly from these bad deeds. The benefit of our actions, we will collect it in this life or in another. If we make positive actions without waiting for some fruit, if we make them with our being's total offering, we will receive much more.

The average span of life on earth is only of 75 years. Let's live our life in the authenticity. Often we carry some masks, it is necessary to remove these different masks. When we meet someone, let's not try to discover what is bad in him, but recognize his qualities first.

To seek for the evil, means to charge our self with bad vibrations and this negativity is transferred from us to others. We perspire this evil. Everybody can change, but first an inspiration should occur. Then, it is favourable to live in a luminous environment that will radiate positively on the person. A criminal will face difficulties to improve in a prison repressive environment. There are too many misfortunes on earth; it is time to pass to a new phase.

Spiritual esotericism makes us to recognize and to develop our psychic capacities fully as clairvoyance, magnetism, conscious astral travel, concentration, meditation. Because while developing these capacities, one touches the truth, one becomes a being close to the superior plans, close to the divine life. There is not only this physical body, let's experiment the bodies and subtle dimensions. In the forest, in the lakes, behind every tree there are minds of the nature.

Return them homage, and you will be surprised to see them bending towards you. They will communicate their energy. This science was recognized in Europe in the time of the Celts, let's not forget it.

When the human being opens himself, his heart unfolds and grows. His light radiates. After he can share this fulfilment with others, but always with respect and without using force.

Nothing may impede our esoteric life when we have chosen this way. It doesn’t matter if our education and the society propose other goals. In this society, there is an eternal race after more amenities. We have not time to hear and to listen to our inner Guide, although we all have one!

If one is receptive, one would discover that every being conceals the same light that the one that one sees to shine in our own heart. Thanks to the elevation of our self, and of all our psychic faculties, we become divine.

The psychic faculties exist, nobody can deny them. While developing them, we realize the truth that exists in the superior plans. But if we use these capacities for our ego, we will lose these faculties. And we will receive a negative shock soon or later in return. It is a cosmic law. If we meditate and communicate with Entities of Light, we draw at the very source of knowledge. With time and the depth of the practices, this ego will transcend itself. A spiritually accomplished person will never use the Knowledge for the evil but only for the evolution of the others.

Some religions don't allow the development of the psychic powers. They ask to believe in a dogma and put some limits.                 Spiritual esotericism on the other hand, draws directly to the source of the Knowledge. Because the real adept learns by his own experience. While meditating, while diving in your being's essence, you will discover that you can verify the truth of the karma law, the reincarnation, the subtle bodies, the astral powers etc. The deep spirituality is infinite, without limits. But of course, every religion brought its part to the heritage of the humanity.

We are all psychically gifted, it is necessary to develop this potential. Of course, it is not to become proud. Because, more one meditates, more one knows that one is tiny and that one has a lot to learn. A lot of dimensions cover the universe; it would be a pity to remain ignorant. Telepathy, this sympathy from afar, offers us the possibility to communicate with all beings and animals since a friendly tie joins us. This is worthwhile to try. Push the door of the astral world, you will see that every species of animal follows its own passageway of evolution. Each has its specificities. A man is not reincarnated in a dog and a mouse won't become an elephant.

A truly esoteric life must be spiritual; a deeply spiritual life must be esoteric. Man must cross all obstacles and all false limits. As soon as we open our heart to spiritual life, we will receive help from Luminous Guides. While awakening our potentialities, one becomes an agent that radiates light in the world. When you grow spiritually, you help the others, because we are all interdependent. We are all a spark of the Supreme Fire.

When we recognize it, we come closer of our real being. If we don't like the others it means that we don't like our self. We don't know our self and we don't accept our personality.  

Mastering our being, our life, our mind and passions, and to live merely with our capacities in full bloom, such is the goal of the spiritual esoterist. Life is a universal opening. When we will leave this earth, because we will all leave one day, we will be able to say that we added a stone in the spiritual building of the humanity. Each among us can accomplish our spiritual and esoteric life where we live.

To experiment the Truth by our self, this is the essential of the spiritual and universal esotericism.