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Astral travel practice


You all go into the astral world during your sleep. But often the memory of your “journey” disappears when you awake. In order to keep astral memories intact, it is necessary to go consciously into the astral. That is to say, to leave your physical body in full awareness, to travel where you wish, and to return in perfect awareness in your body with the integral memory of the astral.


To do it, one needs first to isolate oneself in a calm and pleasant room, to turn off all the lights and to lay on the back on a mattress not too soft. Repeat mentally several times that you will leave consciously your body and that you will not forget anything when returning. Close your eyes and roll them upwards by looking towards the hair's root at the top of the forehead.


Practice then the total relaxation. This relaxation is capital and essential to initiate the conscious propulsion of your astral body. It is the first phase of the astral travel. Breathe slowly, without forcing, and try to be thoughtless.


Visualize then clearly and precisely your astral body escaping from your physical body. See it moving away from your body, rising slowly a meter above, and floating in the air. Imagine that it concretizes itself at one meter of the physical body. Visualize perfectly a “double” of yourself above you.


As soon as you have well visualized that, you will have a real feeling of raising yourself. Dominate strongly your emotion, if not the astral body will fall down in its material envelope.


voyage astral, sortie du corps astral


If you successfully controlled the process, then you will find yourself floating astonished one meter away from the physical body, and you will see the silver cord which connects your physical body's navel to the astral body's one. Now, if you want to move in the astral, that is simple. Imagine that you go towards the door of your room, and directly you are close to your door. You want to leave, so lets pass through the door and go beyond it with your astral body.


You will be able to go everywhere, walk or fly slowly, quickly or at the speed of the thought; nothing will be an obstacle. Thanks to the astral travel, it will be allowed for you to discover the entire universe and to enrich you spiritually.


To return in your physical body, it suffices to think that you are above it, and, at this moment, you will be there directly. Then, let you absorb by your physical body, as a sponge which absorbs water. You will then awake with the precise memory of your astral travel, happy to have lived Reality and to spread your spiritual and occult knowledge.


When you are awake do not forget to write your experiment. Try several times, and, with perseverance, you will have access to a world of Light and Truth.


The fourth dimension will be entirely at your disposal, you will meet Beings of Light there, entities with very high realization. They will guide you in your research and will help you to evolve. Our planet will have no more secrets for you, with your astral body you will be able to go in his inner world. You will be able to visit remote galaxies and to discover high civilizations, powerful and glorious.


Nevertheless, it is necessary to prevent a possible small mishap of the astral travel. It can occur that you meet elementary beings. Do not be afraid of that. They will seem monstrous and try to frighten you, because they nourish themselves with this fear which is in fact energy that you spend. So do never fear them, they are harmless. It suffices that you order them to leave, and they will go away. It is obviously impossible to be unable to return in your physical body as long as you are alive. Your silver cord will inexorably draw you towards your material envelope by awaking you in this three-dimensional world.


It is also possible to materialize with your astral body, therefore it is necessary to lower your astral vibrations and to act on the Universal Energy in order to concretize the astral body. So, far from your physical body, you could be seen and even touched.


The conscious astral travel is an extraordinary experiment of spiritual and occult enrichment. I highly recommend it to you ..