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Henri Totev


Since his early age, Henri Totev had astral memories. The astral world learned to him which were the true values of life. He felt that he had to study all the aspects of esotericism. At twelve years, he trained himself to the marcomancy, cartomancy and other psychic sciences. He read many books on the occult and spiritual subjects. Quickly, his astral trips became completely aware, he recognized his past life and understood which was his mission for this present life.


At the age of eighteen, his astral guides advised him to follow a direct teaching in the Himalayas and in Tibet. He could thus learn spiritual and esoteric sciences of the east and meet physically some of his astral guides. His studies and intensive practices raised his consciousness. In hermitage, his sensitivity was such that he conversed by telepathy with animals and spirits of nature. He lived simultaneously in the third (the earth) and the fourth dimension (the astral world). By his magnetism, he helped people to heal. His guides told him then that it was time to share his knowledge and teach in the west.


Henri Totev left India and established an esoteric centre in Belgium. He initiated a number of persons to occultism and spirituality. Some of them accompanied him in his travels in the Himalayas. He taught to all people who wanted to evolve on the spiritual way; following each person step by step so that he can learn at its own pace. He decided to write the most possible complete and synthetic book heading: "Universal Occultism” (“L'Occultisme Universel)", because he wanted that the universal esoteric science be accessible to all.


Now, since September 2003, he chose to be active in France. It settled in the South, the Languedoc-Roussillon region and more precisely in the cathar area. Villerouge-Termenes is a small town of Aude where the last known Perfect, Bélibaste, was burned on a pyre in the castle.


It is time to forget any form of inquisition and that spiritual glory radiates as at the time of Cathars and Templars. Nowadays, esoteric initiation must be universal, beyond any religion and any sectarianism. It is opened to all who are ready and worthy.


Henri Totev welcomes in his esoteric centre "Golden Lightning" all the souls intended to radiate spiritually in themselves and to prepare all together the Golden Age that comes.