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Third eye meditation : Theory


Let us speak about this radiant and dazzling meditation. The meditation is the deep and perfect penetration of spirit in the most intimate structure or most essential of an object, and its increasingly universal fusion with a subject, an object or a thought by exceeding any duality. The meditation transforms our being completely, sublimates it and transcends it. The spirit is spiritualized and unifies itself with his first Source.


A man or a woman in meditation radiates in the universe, they are a lighthouse which guides the others. Love, peace and wisdom arise, glitter in them and flow on all mankind and nature. The Beings of Light are inevitably attracted by these humans different from the others and they grant them assistance and spiritual energy. These exceptional men thanks to the meditation, vibrate incredibly higher than the others; they allow whole humanity directly or indirectly to purify and rise its spirit.


The radiant meditation is accessible to all sincere beings having the desire to live no more in ignorance, egoism, fear of oneself and fear of others. Ignorance, selfishness, pride, materialism and fatalism will be completely consumed by the burning Fire of the meditation. To begin the practice of meditation, concentration should be well controlled.


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