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Third eye meditation : Practice


The meditation on the third eye (ajna chakra) is amazing by its innumerable and so powerful effects. The third eye dwells at one centimetre above the root of the nose. This psychic centre, called in Sanskrit the command (ajna), directs all the others chakras. It distributes vital energy (prana) in the central channel (sushumna nadi) and in the channels of right-hand (pingala nadi) and left (Ida nadi) side. It is the energetic centre of command of the nine other psychic centres (chakra). There resides the most obvious demonstration of Universal Energy and of the Supreme one. For this reason, meditation on the third eye is paramount and essential to any universal occultist worthy of this name.


Now, I will describe you in depth this priceless meditation.


Sit in a calm place, on a chair, or on the ground with a cushion, in perfect posture (siddhasana), the back really right. Be well relaxed, without any tension of the face or the body. Face to the north or to the east be of benefit from ley lines. Light pure incense; it should consume during all time of meditation.


Pay homage to the Universal Supreme and the Powers of Light by reciting some powerful words of strength like OM - KLIM. Mantras will increase your physical and psychic vibrations.


Plunge in your inner-self, and converge the pupils of your eyes without any tension towards the seat of the third eye, at one centimetre of the nose-root. It is significant that you do not have any ocular tension; your forehead must be well relaxed.


Concentrate on the third eye (ajna chakra) intensely, and if disturbing thoughts come, let them pass. If these thoughts persist, then recite mentally the OM syllable continuously to concentrate you on the third eye. OM mantra will drive out these importunate thoughts and will attract the light of the Supreme, present in the psychic centre (chakra).


As soon as your concentration is well established and that no more thought makes surface in your mind, do not recite OM mentally any more, but plunge more and more deeply in the third eye. A Light, far at the beginning, will appear. It is the presence of the Supreme emerging in front of you.


When your concentration will become, without you notice it, a meditation; the Light will shine more and more. The Supreme Splendour will dazzle you like a radiant sun, powerful and comforting. As soon as you penetrate more intimately in the meditation, the radiance of the Supreme will shine in front of all your mental field of vision. An indescribable joy will overwhelm you, you will gradually dissolve in a complete fusion with the bright light of the Supreme. Your being and the Light will merge totally. There will be no more distinction between you and the Light.

Here are the five stages of the Light :


1) Sight of the Light


2) Presence of the Light


3) Knowledge of the Light


4) ) Power of the Light


5) Fusion with the Light



These are the five stages of the third eye meditation which will lead you to the Splendour of supreme fusion.


Contemplative ecstasy will become your state, a state where everything is in union with the Great Whole: the Universal Supreme. The Cosmic Consciousness will shine in you forever. You will be LOVE, PEACE and WISDOM.


Your meditation can last half an hour, two hours or more; it does not matter. When you emerge from it, its power and its multiple effects will persist during hours, days or even weeks, according to the depth of your meditation. The third eye meditation is extraordinary. The Light will act on your other psychic centres (chakra). It will stimulate them and wake up them; Kundalini Shakti will tend to leave the centre of the base (muladhara chakra). It will be driven by an impetuous desire of rising and joining this so powerful centre, ajna chakra, which awakes.


During your meditation, you will see shining all along your spinal column, the central channel (sushumna nadi). It is an excellent sign of your progress in the meditation. Also it may occur to hear sounds similar to a beating drum or thunder. You will feel at other moments your solar plexus centre (hridaya chakra) vibrating, which causes small tremors of the body due to accumulation of vital energy coming from ajna chakra in the hridaya chakra and with its energizing action on all the others chakra. Do not worry, all these demonstrations are very beneficial; they mean that you progress and that you are in deep meditation.


The third eye meditation is priceless for its power and the spiritual and occult realization that it offers. Nothing can outshine it because it shows, without difficulties and rather quickly, the Universal Supreme in the form of LIGHT OF SPLENDOUR.